3 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health This Summer

1. Stay Connected

One of the biggest downfalls of summer time is not seeing everyone as you normally would because people are away on holiday. When you are home this summer avoid isolation by making plans. Some ways to stay in community with other people is to volunteer. Meeting new people and making a difference in someone else’s life can positively affect your mental health and sense of community. This is also a great option for kids as well, so make it a family outing.

Not so keen on meeting new people all the time? How about join or start your own book club that meets weekly or every other week with friends. My favourite way to stay connected is to plan coffee dates with your family and friends! This allows you to have anticipation about what’s coming up. Being able to look forward to something boosts your mood so make sure you make some plans this summer!

2. Stay Active

It is good to rest and take a break during summer time but beware of getting in a rut of slumber. Our bodies were made to move so take a walk even if it’s for a short time. If you just don’t feel like it tell yourself to just go for 10 – 15 minutes and chances are you will feel much better after you’ve started moving and will have the energy and momentum to keep going.

Explore a place you’ve never been before. It is scientifically proven that visiting a new place or getting a change of scenery can improve your mental health. It doesn’t have to be far from home so find a local park or walking path you’ve yet to venture on. These tips are also good for kids and teens so make sure they are staying active by going out as a family.

3. Keep Focused on Your Goals

When the routines have all gone out the window and it’s hard to stay on track, remind yourself how far you’ve come! Think about all that you have accomplished and all the hard work you put into your own personal development. Write down encouragements to yourself on sticky notes and post them on your mirror, fridge, the dash of your car and anywhere you will see throughout your day.

We would love to hear the ways you keep proactive during the summer time so comment below! 

With Love