4 Steps To Take A Leap Of Faith

Routines are good.

They get you to where you need to get to on time eg. school run, work, exercise classes etc. Routines help the world work. But do you ever get bored and maybe want a different routine or add something new to your routine? Whether it’s a big change or a small change, it can help to boost your confidence to do that one thing you always wanted to do but could never fit into your routine.

I’m here to challenge you to Take A Leap Of Faith and go for it! 

Your leap of faith may not be as big as packing everything up and travelling the world.

Whatever your leap of faith is, taking the first step is the same for everyone.

Here are 4 steps to help you on that leap of faith.

1. Believe you can – It all starts with you believing you can do it. If you constantly tell yourself you can’t, then your right – you can’t. If you start to believe you can then your also right – you can! Look at all the things in your life that you have already achieved, write down a list and you’ll be amazed at what you CAN and HAVE done. Use this list as evidence that you can do even more than you have already achieved.

2. Trust those around you – Have a look at the people around you who believe in you and cheer you on. Make a point to be surrounded by positive people, but remember to be one of those positive people yourself, encourage your friends and family that you believe in them. Listen to what they have to say about you. If they truly care about you they will be honest with you so listen to them work through your doubts with those you trust.

3. Face your fear and do it anyway – Ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen? Have you ever made a mistake before or embarrassed yourself or failed at something first time you tried it? Who hasn’t? Is this the worst thing that can happen? I have learned that even the worst thing’s teach us a lesson, so learn from past mistakes and be ready to make more. Write out a list of everything that could go wrong and how you can deal with it. Be prepared, but if you’re passionate about something then don’t live with regrets of not even attempting to pursue it.

4. Visualise your leap of faith – Imagine you have already taken that leap of faith and your doing what you always wanted to do. How do you feel, what does it look like? If you have a vision then you have something to aim for and focus on. Research shows that when we visualise something our brain thinks it’s actually real. So if you visualise it enough and keep hold of the feeling you have when you achieve it, this can be a great motivator and confidence booster.

​This photo was taken at Belfast Activity Centre where women on our personal development programme The Real Me, get to tackle this physical Leap Of Faith.

We always take the our groups here because it gives people the opportunity to believe in themselves and to face their fears. At the end of the 10 week programme we ask the women what they learned and very often they mention this specific activity. 

“I was terrified to do the leap of faith but now that I did it I feel I can take more chances in other things I have been scared to do. It really helped me believe in myself.”

With Love