Growing Forward

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The Growing Forward programme is broken into 4 modules with each module covering 2 or 3 sessions (10 in total). You can walk through each module as quickly or as slowly as you want. I suggest you set aside 2 hours per week for each session to give yourself time to work through it and put what you have learnt into practice.

Module 1 

Look Within – What am I equipped with?

  1. Who am I?
  2. Confidence is a choice
  3. Developing self awareness

Module 2

Glance Behind – Where have I come from?

  1. River of life
  2. Strengths
  3. Values

Module 3

Look Around – What & who is in my life?

  1. Wheel of life
  2. Supportive network

Module 4

Focus Ahead – Where do I want to go and how do I get there?

  1. The me I want to be
  2. Future bubble chart