Fearless & Female

Brave, strong, fearless, independent, assertive, leader.

These words may not be the usual adjectives to describe a female, they may however be more likely used to describe a male.

Pretty, attractive, mother, wife, homely.

 Now these words are more often associated to women.

“What I have come to understand is that what defines a male or female as strong and fearless is their ability to overcome adversity and face their fears. They acknowledge and accept their strengths and weaknesses and then use them to accomplish their goals and dreams.”

I could name a few strong women who can be described using those words at the beginning of this blog. Women like Rosa Parks and Mother Theresa. We can learn to be fearless females by looking at how they overcame adversity and faced their fears.

-Rosa Parks didn’t just sit in silence in every situation where she or others were being wronged but rather had courage to stand up (or stay seated in her case) for what she believed was right.

-Mother Theresa stood the test of time with patience and a positive attitude while she faced adversity.

Both women have legacies that live on through their many words of encouragement and wisdom that still impacts the lives of people today. That is what makes them such great role models. But what about the women in our everyday lives?

What about you being the role model to other women young & old?

I believe all women have the ability to be brave, strong, fearless, independent, assertive, pretty, attractive, a leader, a mother, a wife and homely.

In my experience, you don’t just stumble across the woman you are meant to be, this life is a journey of ups & downs. It’s the difficult times that we face that helps to shape our character.

So, here’s a not so secret, secret.

 Enjoy the journey & learn from the heartaches. Teach your daughters, sisters, mother, friends and strangers to be fearless not by what you say but by what you do.

Be brave with your dreams, take action, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, ask for help, learn new things, admit when your wrong, celebrate your achievements, encourage other people, embrace your strengths, don’t get caught up in your weaknesses, hang around like minded people and people who challenge you.

You can be fearless and female.

With Love