10 week personal development programme

Age 10-13

LILY is a personal development programme designed and delivered by Glow NI. The programme focuses on early intervention and aims to build self esteem and self confidence in girls and young women aged 10-13.

The programme runs for 10 weeks and looks at the many issues facing young women in Northern Ireland and takes steps to help them build resilience and create better futures. What makes this programme unique is that it has been developed through the eyes of young women themselves and uses a gender conscious approach to facilitate early intervention that is specific to females.

We at Glow NI believe that every girl was created for a purpose and that she has value, worth and potential. This programme will allow young women to see that potential and will equip this generation with positive self esteem and the belief that they can go onto influence their community and make great changes that leave a lasting legacy.

The next LILY programme is due to begin in January 2023. Please fill out the form below to register your interest.

For young women aged 14 – 17, please check out our Fearless & Female programme.






These four headings make up different sections of the programme that together help girls to develop and grow into strong, positive female peers, role models and community members.

Girls will explore what it means to be confident within herself and learn to love herself. She will learn to recognise her values, strengths and the importance of healthy relationships in order to live a purpose filled, happy life.

The focus will be for each girl to discover what a positive role model is and how she can inspire others around her to impact her friends and community. She will be equipped with confidence and self belief to follow her dreams.

Girls will recognise her personal achievements and successes in life. She will focus on how family, community, friends and culture shape who she is. She will be equipped to challenge negative attitudes and peer pressure.

Girls will develop a future action plan based on the knowledge and skills they have identified throughout the programme. She will feel empowered and be provided with the tools needed to identify and overcome obstacles or challenges.

Early Intervention

There are so many issues that young girls are facing in the world and within our own communities that create barriers as they are trying to discover who they are and where they fit in. The issues our young girls are facing include low self esteem, low confidence, peer pressure, bullying, educational struggles, lack of opportunities, family breakdowns, abuse, body image…the list could go on!

These issues are leading to a rise in statistics for depression and self- harm within young girls. It’s building a generation of mental health problems and long term negative beliefs.

The LILY programme is a preventative and early intervention measure that stops our young women from becoming statistics. LILY addresses the issues, educates the young women and enables them to have good mental health and wellbeing in order for them to become well adjusted adults and leaders in the future.

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