Living Life During Lockdown

You might have seen the doorstep deliveries and support GLOW has been providing to communities over lockdown but how have our own staff been affected? GLOW project worker Maxine tells us how she was affected personally over the past few months. 

What was your initial reaction when lockdown was announced?

My first reaction was ‘Oh no I’m not going to get out to work!’ I love my routine! I love getting up, getting ready and going out to meet people. I’ve worked since the age of 14 so I was worried about how I would cope.

How did the lockdown impact your personal life?

Well I still got up every day and carried out the same routine. I missed shopping at first as I’m a big shopper but over time I found that actually, I could do without it! I didn’t enjoy going out for groceries one bit! I’m very organised but I found I was more productive with cooking. My daughter and I enjoyed cooking together as it was no longer just a big rush to get dinner on the table. We could really plan and enjoy the process.

How did you adapt the programmes you were running at GLOW?

Mostly texts and phone calls! You learn that some women prefer to text instead of talk and vice versa. I made sure I had allocated enough time to talk to every woman that was involved with the GLOW programmes whether it was through ‘The Real Me’ programme or through the Friday morning drop ins. I learnt that some women needed more support than others during lockdown so I knew how to use my time effectively. 

What was the best thing about lockdown?

Spending more time with my daughter Anneka. It was her birthday over Easter, when we had all of the great weather, so I decorated the house and garden. We had a lovely day and overall it was a good opportunity for us to bond.

Also, I was able to get through my ‘To Do’ list around the house!  I’m really into my DIY and love painting, gardening etc. Anneka said she would wake up and not know if I had a paintbrush, screwdriver or drill to hand! 

What was the worst thing about lockdown?

Not getting out and meeting people. I asked one woman that needed support how she was and she said to me ‘How are you? I’m used to staying in but you’re not.’ I just thought wow. It was really lovely of her to think of me.

It’s September now, what are you looking forward to for the rest of 2020? 

Well we’re moving into my favourite season. I love the dark nights, the cosy feeling and the colours. I love dressing for Autumn. Decorating the house for the season and sitting in my kitchen surrounded by the things I love. Then as we head towards Christmas, I love all the crafts and making presents for friends! It’s very therapeutic!