Meet The Woman Empowering Women

“Onwards and Upwards”  – Maxine’s Life Motto

Maxine Dougan is the newest member to Team Glow as our Women’s Project Worker.  She is full of passion for supporting and encouraging women, singing and all things crafts! She is a proud mum of two wonderful daughters and her wee pup. Maxine was a participant in one of the very first women’s personal development programme at Glow. During “The Real Me” sessions she learned that she couldn’t change what had happened in her past but that she could take control of her future. Through lots of tears, support and determination to move forward she took hold of hope and self belief and embraced rediscovering herself. 

You can read more of her story in our 10 step guide to Discover The Real You

 “I have plans to create a hub for all women to come together and learn from one another in a safe environment. I envision women sharing their skills with each other and forming lasting friendship like the ones I got from Glow.”

We are so excited to see Maxine flourish in her new role where she can use her OCN Mentoring certification and encourage other women that there is light at the end of whatever tunnel they feel stuck in. Did I mention she is a natural glow ambassador as well? Since her involvement with Glow she  has referred numerous women and girls into our programmes. Within her new role You can expect to find Maxine leading our women’s Drop-In on Fridays, providing one to one support for women, facilitating “The Real Me” programme and of course bringing creativity and flair to the whole organisation.

(Maxine proudly sharing her story alongside her friends in “Alive Community Choir” featuring the women who took part in the Glow programmes because of Maxine’s encouragement and ambassador skills.)

“My motivation comes from those moments when I see others grow and become inspired.”

If you have any interest in how Glow supports women please drop us a message or pop on over to our office and have a chat with Maxine. 

**Many thanks to the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland and the Tampon Tax Community Fund for funding this exciting new job post!**

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