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Pregnancy & COVID-19

Last week we were delighted to speak to Rebecca, a first-time mum to be from North West Belfast. Rebecca tells GLOW her experience of being …

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Living Life During Lockdown

You might have seen the doorstep deliveries and support GLOW has been providing to communities over lockdown but how have our own staff been affected? …

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Thanks A Million!

Christmas has truly arrived at the GLOW office. Maxine has decorated our offices & rooms beautifully. It really is beginning to look like Santa’s Grotto. …

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Meet The Woman Empowering Women

“Onwards and Upwards”  – Maxine’s Life Motto Maxine Dougan is the newest member to Team Glow as our Women’s Project Worker.  She is full of passion …

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6 Ways to be Wealthy

Look after your own well-being so you can be in the best place to help others. Here are some tips that can you help you …

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We All Need Support

5 people a week die by suicide in Northern Ireland! How heartbreaking and unacceptable. In the past 3 months we have been affected by suicide …

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Empowering Women

Amplify NI’s Ashleigh Hunter catches up with Chara Clarke, Founder of GLOW, who recently took part in the Accelerator programme.  GLOW (Giving Life Opportunities to …

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Perception is Projection

This blog is an interactive blog. I want you to get involved and take some action. Now, I want you to close your eyes. What …

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4 Steps To Take A Leap Of Faith

Routines are good. They get you to where you need to get to on time eg. school run, work, exercise classes etc. Routines help the …

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Fearless & Female

Brave, strong, fearless, independent, assertive, leader. These words may not be the usual adjectives to describe a female, they may however be more likely used …

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How To Beat Stinking Thinking

Do you ever feel lost in a maze with your thoughts? You can’t focus on one thing? You can’t think of anything positive? That one …

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My Story Of How I Overcame Depression

I remember it clearly sometimes. The emptiness, numbness and feeling as though life was an endless cycle of sleepless nights. I remember not being able …

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Miles of Milestones in 2017

Miles of Milestones in 2017 December 31, 2017 |Kellie Forbes The Glow team would like to take a moment to sincerely share our gratitude with …

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What Is Confidence

One of our aims here at GLOW is to build up women and young girl’s confidence. Everyone is unique in what makes them feel confident …

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Why We Love Volunteering

 We have all probably been asked to volunteer at some point in our life. It is common to think we are only doing a service …

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3 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health This Summer

1. Stay Connected One of the biggest downfalls of summer time is not seeing everyone as you normally would because people are away on holiday. …

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Meet The Dreamer Behind GLOW

Chara Clarke is the Founder and Project Coordinator of GLOW.

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